Group Prayer

He said to them,
"It is written, 'My house shall be called a house of prayer,'
~ Jesus Christ, Matthew 21:13 ~

Prayer is the foundation of the church... Every Tuesday evening at 7pm, we gather at the church for group prayer.  With lights dimmed for an intimate atmosphere, seated in a circle we begin with a prayer to the LORD for His ear and favor and open up with a few songs of worship by acoustic guitar.

We then proceed to present our prayers to the LORD as led by the Spirit...

Your prayer can be for yourself, your life, family, friends, job - whatever your burden might be.  Our prayers are not canned or rehearsed - we speak to God as we would speak to anyone else from whom who we were asking for favor.

God honors an honest prayer.  You can be angry, sad, upset, jubilant. What He does not want is false emotion and empty prayers which we are not invested in.

Once again, this is a safe place.  Do not worry about sticking out or being judged.  Our motto here is "No Perfect People Allowed."