Websites Grow Fruit, Too!


Hi Everyone!  Welcome to my very first blog and to our new website.  I built this site.  I'm not a coder or anything like that, so there was a very large learning curve.  The road was marked with much testing, angst and challenges.  It grew fruit in me.

When I decided to make my first post about the Fruit of the Spirit, I thought to myself - well, really - the fruit of Patience/Longsuffering speaks in a framework of Christian experience ie:  Mentoring, pastoring, counceling, teaching, witnessing etc and all the subsequent testings and challenges we endure to grow in faith and in Christ.

But that was kind of foolish.

Yes, first and foremost, the trials we endure as believers living in the context of faith in Jesus will grow fruit the fastest.  However, life serves up for us, day after day opportunities to grow the Fruit of the Spirit.

This website build tested me in numerous areas.

I wish I could say I was victorious every time, but I wasn't.  That said, I can say that at least I was aware of the challenges and testings for what they were, and victories aside, when I fell short and lost it during this build I always got back up and laid my burden down before the Lord and kept on going.

That is my message for you, believer, friend, brother and sister-in-Christ:

"Don't Give Up!"

With eyes fixed on Jesus, get back up and keep moving forward.  Dig Deep - the Spirit is in you and He will strengthen you to stand again and to move forward - again.

He is with you, and if you leave me a comment with your first name, I will also be with you, praying and supporting you!


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