About Us

  Our Approach

Our Vision is to see everyone who comes through our doors come into a real and meaningful relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ.  To do this, we believe in a 3 - Point Approach:

First, every person needs to discover the joy of intimate worship.  Come on Sunday at 10am, when worship service begins.  You can either sit quietly and give yourself a chance to relax and focus on the Lord, or like others, you may get excited and sing, praise and worship God in your own way.

Either way, this is the time to prepare yourself to meet the Lord as worship continues and then proceeds in the preaching of the word. Our style is both to preach line by line (expository) and by subject or topic.  Either way, the message promises to be both applicable to your life and theologically sound.

Second, we believe in Community.  Our culture today fosters the idea of individualism and isolation - you can be walking down a crowded street and notice nothing but your text conversation!  At Turning Point, we believe it is essential that we come to know one another and become friends.  Christ was all about community and "breaking bread" together.  Unfortunately, in too many churches after the service ends you see people break up into clicks and go to eat in their closed groups.  Not so here: Every single Sunday we serve a full meal after church.  We sit down at tables together, enjoy each others company over a hot meal and get to truly know one another and become friends who hopefully become family.

We have numerous people in the church who come from little means.  We do not save leftovers...those who need it most go home with leftovers.

Third, We believe in Service - to each other, and to our community.  Christ showed the greatest example of what it means to lay down one's life for the sake of others. We try to model His love for others by "Living For The Benefit Of Others."  This means being there for our fellow Christians, and also to reach out to our community both individually and through church outreach ministries such as our "Bread For Life"  Food Distribution Ministry and our "Sew In Love"  Quilt Making Ministry for new mom's who chose life for their babies.

  Our Affiliation

Turning Point Church is "non-denominational."  We hold no formal affiliation - we are not Southern Baptist, Lutheran,  etc.  This is because we see no denominations in the bible and believe they foster a spirit of division.  We are Christian, Born-again and Charismatic - meaning we believe the gifts of the Holy Spirit are still in operation today.  However, we are conservative in our approach to the manifestation of the gifts, believing that all things should be done soberly and in order.

  Our Story

Turning Point Church is the result of a call that the Lord placed on Pastor Chris's heart and spirit in 2008.  Chris and his wife Nancy had gotten saved, and the first part of the call was evangelism - sharing his faith.  Then they moved to Salisbury Center, NY, where they attended Pinecrest Bible Training Center.

After completing their studies, Chris and Nancy were ordained into the ministry by the laying on of hands.  Chris wanted to plant a church in North Carolina, because everyone knows the bible-belt needs another church!  Their house went on the market, but for 3 years it would not sell.

Then Chris and Nancy began attending church planting conferences and discovered the true need for churches in New England and Central NY.  They went before the Lord and vowed that if it was His will for them to stay in New York and plant the church in Utica, they would obey.  Well, their home sold within 2 weeks after that with a price war!  Their prayer and vow were clearly answered by God.

So, they packed up and moved to Utica/Yorkville and began a bible study out of their home. It grew to the point where their home was too large to keep it going - it was time to plant the church.  Their current location was their 3rd local - the first 2 leases were broken by the owners when they discovered a church was going to move in.  But it was the Lord, because the owner of the building we now occupy was a born-again believer and became a huge supporter of Chris and Nancy and Turning Point!

Three years ago we purchased the building and in October 2017 celebrate our 6th year anniversary as a church!

Come and visit us...we'd love to meet and celebrate with you!


Pastors Chris and Nancy

  Next Steps...

What else is there to say but that you are warmly invited to come visit us and see what Turning Point Church is all about...

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