Our Story

You might be wondering what Turning Point is all about.  We are a community of believers in Jesus Christ, all on this journey of faith. We come from all walks of life, and admittedly we are imperfect people.

It is for that reason that one of our main motto's is "No Perfect People Allowed!"  We will not judge you when you come though our doors, and we sure hope you won't judge us!  Turning Point is a place for all, no matter your pasts, your present, you doubts and your struggles. We have been there. We know who the solution is - Jesus!

It is through the context of living the Christ-centered life where we have found the answers to life.  We have learned that in "Living For The Benefit of Others" in the church family, in our community and around the world, through faith, we have found lasting joy and peace. It is Christ who is our true-north.

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