Our Mottoes

"No Perfect People Allowed"

You aren't perfect.  You have flaws, drawbacks and imperfections.

Welcome to the club!

Here at Turning Point, we recognize that none of us are perfect - we are all works in progress.  It is in this spirit that we practice long-suffering, patience and love towards everyone. I mean - who can say that they have a right to speak down to anyone?

So, if you feel that you are better than anyone else, then this probably is not the the right church for you.  If you tend to look down on the less-fortunate because they are icky to be around and and you have no interest in getting to actually know "that kind of person," again, this church is probably not the place for you (or maybe it's exactly where you need to be!?)

As works in progress, we set ourselves to follow Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to change us from the inside out.  We will need your patience at times and we will be patient with you as well!

We promise - you will not be judged when you come through our doors.  In fact, we promise - you will be warmly greeted, loved on and asked to stay and eat with us!

No perfect people are allowed...but You are welcome!

When we look at Jesus and what His life, death and resurrection portrayed, it is clear that His was a self-sacrificial life.   Whether He was healing, teaching, delivering, being tortured, or crucified, each one of these had one thing in common:  They were all done for others at His expense.

While we are not the Messiah and do not have to die for the sins of others, we still are encouraged in the scriptures to also live lives of sacrifice.  The word used for "Love" in the King James Bible is "charity."  This is very accurate, as it describes love as a verb - an action word describing selfless acts of love towards others.

Practically speaking, when things aren't going great for us and we are not in a good place, we tend to be self-focused, "licking our wounds" so to speak.  But when we then go out and do for someone else for love's sake?  Suddenly, we are no longer focused on ourselves and we feel so much better!  Acts of love towards others is a healing medicine, one we all need.