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Feel free to check out all of the activities and groups available to you here at Turning Point.

The activities under this category are all intentionally outward focused - on selfless giving.  We acknowledge the role which charity plays in the life of every believer and how charitable love causes growth in the giver as we bless the person(s) being given to.

It is our deepest desire to see you grow into a mature relationship with Jesus, being fully equipped to live life as a Christ-follower and a light to the world around you.

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                      "Bread For Life"

"This is My commandment~


Love each other

in the same way I have loved you." 


~Jesus Christ ~

The Gospel of John, chap 15, vs 12

"And don't forget to do good

and to share with those in need.

These are the sacrifices

 that please God."


~ Hebrews 13:16 ~

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