Crowns Of Glory

Welcome To Crowns Of Glory!

The Nursing Home Ministry of Turning Point Church.  Held every Wednesday morning at 10am, at Heritage Health Care in Utica.

Come with us as we "Live For The Benefit of Others" in selfless service and love towards our elderly brothers and sisters.

Truly a ministry of faith, many of those in attendance are afflicted with disabilities, dementia and Alzheimer's disease.  We begin our service there at 10am, so please arrive by 9:50am so you can greet the attendees.

Service begins with ministry of song, followed by a brief word and wrapped up with a few more songs and then we pray for the attendees.

We trust the Lord that He will do a work in the spirits and bodies of these precious people who we love dearly.

I always say;


"One day, when I get to heaven, there will be this young -

30 something, beautiful woman who will come up to me

and say 'Pastor, can I have this dance?'


I will say 'certainly, but who are you?' to which she will reply,


'Oh, Pastor, you don't recognize me?

I'm Norma, from Heritage!


Thank you so much for sharing your faith with me...

it's because of your faithfulness that I am here today.'


And we will dance..."


Pastor Chris


You have no idea the effect you can have any anyone's eternity.

 Even on the elderly and infirm.