Operation Christmas Child

Welcome To Operation Christmas Child!

A ministry headed by Samaritan's Purse and Franklin Graham, Operation Christmas Child is an international shoe-box gift ministry.

Every year, churches around the globe fill shoe-boxes with small gifts and treats for impoverished children from around the world.  They are then delivered to a local gathering station, and then transferred to the main warehouse in North Carolina where they are double-checked for inappropriate items or boxes that need more stuff.

From there, these boxes go all around the world!  It is said that there are so many impoverished children, that this organization only can go to each spot once!

These children are super-blessed and excited to receive their boxes!  They are followed up with, getting classes on the bible and what it means to be a Christian and many children have entered the Kingdom through this invaluable ministry!

Last year, our small church made 180 boxes.  This year?  200!

We already are gathering supplies. Then, towards Thanksgiving, we will have a "Packing Party" at the church to put all the boxes together. Every box will get a note from the church with a picture of our congregation and a gospel tract for each child. We will then lay hands on each box and anoint every box with oil, praying for the soul of each child, their parents, friends and communities to be saved by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Turning Point is proud to be a part of this wonderful international ministry...