Sew In Love

Welcome To Sew In Love!

Turning Point Church sews baby quilts for young mom's who have chosen to let their babies live.  There are many young mothers-to-be who are clients at Care-net in Utica.  The quilts that we make are given to Care-net and each new mom is blessed, at no charge, with one of these quilts as our love-gift from us to them.

Each quilt is hand sewn from scratch. The main ingredient is love.  Each quilt then has a note sewn into it, from us, along with a short prayer and scripture verse.

They are then prayed over at a Sunday service and anointed with oil before delivery to Care-net!

We here at Turning Point are un-apologetically Pro-Life.  We are so grateful to the moms, and to Care-net for their desire for life and what each has done for that cause.