Now That Was A Strange Meeting!

I attend a Pastor's fellowship meeting from time to time.  It is every week, but I just do not get to always make it.  It had been maybe 3 weeks since I last went, so today, my Elder-friend hopped in my car and we drove the 40 or so minutes it takes to get there.

Today was an interesting day!

There was a young man in attendance today whom I knew a bit, but hadn't seen in a long time.  He just moved back to the area after being away for a year or two.  In this meeting, he basically reamed out the group because the Pastors are wasting time discussing current events when what they should be doing is coordinating how they can all work together and evangelize.

Now, anyone who knows me  knows my heart for evangelism and witnessing to people. I had no beef with his desire in that area.  What I do have a beef with is the generalization of every minister in the room, as well as the insistence that he and his way be the standard upon which he would judge other ministers.

Well, the meeting did not go so well - things got a bit heated.  He wouldn't listen to anything anyone had to say when they tried to reason with him, insisting he knew what he was saying and how he was saying it.  Smacked of an inability to hear anything else but one's own words. He walked out after several of us basically got up realizing we were not getting through to him, went to the other side of the room to pray.

He came back in and after prayer he apologized.  But I must say, 13 yrs an investigator tells me this young man was insincere - at least towards me.

It is very unfortunate when the leaders of the spiritual community of believers have someone come in and insist that everyone is off base except him.

I pray this young man would get on his knees and seek the Lord in this matter.

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  1. Pastor, Maybe you can pray for him instead of spreading dirty laundry. sounded to me like you had an attitude towards this man before he said a word. I have a feeling your walk to the other side of the room to pray was really you way of pissing him off. Truth hurts , doesnt it Pastor?
    • Hi John Doe, First, let me say that it is quite telling that you wish to remain anonymous. Shadows are a great place to hide. Second, I did not name names, therefore am not spreading dirty laundry about anyone specific, nor did I have an attitude towards this person before I said anything. I was pretty shocked though that a person who admittedly shied away from the pastoral call with it's responsibilities and challenges would sit there and presume to criticize pastors who have faced these challenges. But let's be open and honest, shall we? I did find it very hypocritical to make the comments he did considering his past statements about pastoring. These statements tell me that he is not experienced in being a pastor, nor is he in any position to criticize anyone in that room until he has walked in the shoes of the pastor for a few years. Obviously, the truth does hurt - given your response. It shows a lack of maturity and insecurity on your part. The reason I walked to the other side of the room to pray is because 1) others already had, 2) It was obvious to everyone but you that you had made the meeting about your agenda and division and that 3) there was nothing more to be said. Pissing off this young man was not a goal or intention. It's not all about you/him! If you had an ear to listen, you would have acknowledged the admonitions you/he received - that you were very very rude and disrespectful at that meeting to several of the pastors. But it seems you still do not get that. You see, assuming that your are that gentleman: If you were truly sorry for how you came across, your response here would have been so much different! But instead, you continue in a rebellious and offensive tone. You/he seem to be out-of-line still and unrepentant. For the record, I would not be closed to an evangelistic crusade in addition to the weekly evangelistic works we do here at Turning Point. However given your attitude at present, I do not think you would be anyone I would partner with. My prayer for "him" is that he would mature in faith, mind and heart. That he would attempt to be less divisive and that he would truly repent for what he did that morning, which would pave the way toward healing and unity. I really do wish him the best. I also would offer this advise: Change the name of his ministry that something which points to Jesus, rather than to himself. The name smacks of the song "It's all about you" Pastor Chris
      • Just so you know, I am not the guy you pissed off. I did get a kick out of you thinking that. No no Chris, I am a sinner saved by Gods grace. Im not going to try and argue with you or bad mouth you online. Not my intension. I did want you to take a step back and see that sometimes your online personal comments can really hurt people. I'm not talking about this situation. I checked into your church as I was in the area, looking for a place to worship as I was to be in the Utica area for several months working. Your a damn good speaker, no doubt. I followed your church on facebook and talked to a few people that attended your church. You are held at a higher standard teaching God's Word. I have seen your darker side online when you told everyone a persons personal issues. I was STUNNED. I did attend one of your services and witnessed your temper with a young man over something crazy. I was looking up Dr. Jeramiah when I stumbled across your site, thats what led me to respond to your trashing, here again, another person online. CHRIS, stop for a minute, calm down and search yourself. I will not be responding, or even visiting this site again.
        • Thank You Charles W. I really would appreciate it if you would be more specific. Either way, I too am a sinner saved by God's grace. I search myself daily. I pray you will as well

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